Thursday, January 7, 2016


If I was a rapper I wouldn’t rap about bitches and hoes

spanking that and smacking this and twerking in hot clothes

I’d talk about life, the stress and the strife, of

how serve and protect applies only if you’re white

If I was a rapper I wouldn’t brag about my money

I’d use my voice to make social commentary

I’d rant and rave about the injustice I see

at every level of society

If I was a rapper I’d choose my words carefully

I’d imprint on the minds of those listening to me

No, I’m not a role model and I don’t know it all

but being black is not a collective, not a collective at all

If I was a rapper I wouldn't preach hatred and violence

or love thy neighbor or any of that nonsense

I'd tell you power is never good in the hands of one man

and your freedom and thoughts should be yours to command

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