Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Michelle Chambers Romance

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Yes, she hated hurting Tom, and even more she hated separating her son Jake from his father, but Jessica Addison knew that to stay married to a man she never loved is no way to live. She walked away from her marriage with the intention of discovering herself as a person, but Jessica is about to find out more than she ever wanted or needed to know.

To say he hates his father would be like saying people did not care for Hitler, but Jason McCormack knows firsthand the power and evil behind the public persona of Alexander McCormack, and it makes Hitler look like a humanitarian. He has no intention of letting one more innocent person suffer his father’s wrath, and to do that he will have to keep her very close.

It should have been a relatively boring evening going to her high school reunion, but for Jessica it turns out to be the beginning of a nightmare. She is virtually accosted by a man who awakens something in her body that she has never known, but it is his message to her that stops her heart.

Michelle Chambers Romance-- love just got a little bit more complicated


cinquetta said...

I just purchase my copy this morning and cannot wait to read it. Do you have any more interracial stories? If so which ones?

Michelle said...

Hi Cinquetta,

Please excuse this tardy response but I've been working on completing a couple of other stories.

I've just submitted a short story Shakespeare Masquerade: The Housekeeper's Daughter to my editor. It's also an interracial story but with all my works race isn't the main issue.

I'm currently working on Book Two of the Sinners and Saints series, so I do hope you enjoy Blood of His Fathers.

Book Two of the Shakespeare Masquerade series is also a work in progress.

Happy Holidays and thank you for buying Blood of His Fathers

Michelle Chambers