Wednesday, June 30, 2010

COMING SOON from Resplendence Publishing LLC- BLOOD OF HIS FATHERS


“Neither you nor your grandfather appreciated what it meant to be born a McCormack. But as long as I live the McCormack fortune will never again belong to a Thomas, never again to descendants of slaves. Do you understand?”
“Jessica is my wife,” Jason elaborated slowly. “A McCormack.”

Alexander McCormack has secretly orchestrated Jessica’s life for the past fifteen years. Decisions she’s deemed to have made are an illusion. Even her marriage proves to be nothing more than elaborate manipulation.

Jessica is no longer content with a life that brings her little joy and no passion. With divorce comes unexpected danger for her and her young son, and Jess’s only recourse for safety lies in an unlikely savior, Jason McCormack.

A hidden backdrop of age-long deceit, hatred and murder slowly manifests as Jessica finds herself drawn physically and emotionally closer to the man her every instinct—and cold hard fact—tells her she should avoid at all costs.

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