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Blood of His Fathers
Her ancestry can be traced back to his--Love just got a little bit more complicated

New York (June 29, 2010)—Blood of His Fathers isn’t quite what many romance readers would expect, but it doesn’t disappoint. It has some elements of the conventional thriller, the structure of the literary novel and more than a touch of romance without the superficial connotations of that word.
There’s dramatic tension in the story of the McCormacks, their strange background and history and an interesting consideration of the power of coincidence. The story of misguided actions, emotional betrayal, murder and eventual discovery is complex but doesn’t lose its way.
This is either a thriller concealed inside a literary novel or a literary novel dressed as a thriller. The reader can decide which.


Ripples in the Water is Michelle’s first published novel (2007, The Wild Rose Press). It’s one of those stories where the inspiration, she says, came from absolutely nowhere. She’d given birth to her son and was on maternity leave—she used to work as a therapy radiographer. One night she’d awoke without reason or rhyme with three names circling with absolute clarity in her head: Claerdal, Celeste and Guy Fawkes. But she was quite aware at that moment that the object of the exercise would be to link those names somehow. The result being her debut novel, Ripples in the Water.

Michelle has an insatiable love of history and it really doesn’t matter which history. She strives to find the story running parallel to whatever historical event she chooses to write about. History will never change, but there’ll always be someone else’s truth and that is what she tries to convey in her novels.
Ripples in the Water is an historical piece full of intrigue and suspense. It explores the power of coincidence.

Brenda Talley from The Romance Studio says, ‘This novel, written by Ms. Michelle Chambers, has very detailed, interesting scenarios which are spell-binding. The more I read, the more (and faster) I wanted to read...’

Linda L. from Fallen Angel Reviews says, ‘Michelle Chambers cast well-rounded characters that weave an intriguing tale...’

Shannon from Coffee Time Romance and More says, 'This book is an undeniable page turner. With its various plots (political treason, rivalry and Celeste’s past) there is never a dull chapter. This books blends in each subplot masterfully to explain the main conflict of the story. I found myself relishing the mystery that prevails in this book as well as enjoying the deeply intense romance between the lovers...'

The power of coincidence, the Yin and Yang of life, the Law of Attraction, are all premises upon which Michelle Chambers bases her novels. And combined with the somewhat darker side of human nature she aims to give the reader a more in-depth and intense look at love. She dissects love into the spectrum she believes it is. As white light is a spectrum of colour, she believes love to be a spectrum of emotion. Sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful, but shades of love nonetheless.

In 2007 Michelle Chambers entered, and won, a short-story (e-book) competition organised by The Wild Rose Press in New York. The story is called Fairytale Bride. It’s a tale of time-travel set in Regency England and explores the premise of the Law of Attraction.
Both Ripples in the Water and Fairytale Bride are available at or or

Michelle has recently submitted a proposal for the prequel to Ripples in the Water, titled Celeste, to Resplendence Publishing LLC in New York. Celeste follows the heroine’s dramatic journey from innocence to worldly-wise while she wrestles with heartache and fears and becomes the woman she need to be in the sequel, Ripples in the Water.


Michelle Chambers has lived in Holland for more than twenty years and is very much at home there. She moved initially from England with the intention of staying for a year, but met her husband with whom she has two children. She’s currently working on two new novels—the first, a sequel to Blood of His Fathers and the second, a tale loosely based on Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice titled Shakespeare Masquerade.

History plays an important role in Michelle’s stories. Her characters have history. Their opinions, behaviour, thoughts, sometimes in the extreme, are influenced much as we are by history- whether that be based on race, religion or experience, although Michelle is a huge fan of happy endings.

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