Friday, October 24, 2008

Blood of His Fathers

Finally, I can get back on track. I'm hoping to complete revision work on my latest WIP, titled Blood of His Fathers, by the end of the year.

It's rather premature, but here is one take on Blood of His Fathers, even in its raw stage:

'Blood of His Fathers' is an interesting and successful exercise in the establishment and maintaining of a high level of critical tension while also developing character and situation.

It's not quite what one might expect; it has some elements of the conventional thriller, the structure of a literary novel, and more than a touch of what one must call romance without the negative associations of that word. There is certainly dramatic tension in the story of the McCormacks, their strange background and history, and an interesting consideration of the power of coincidence. The plot is not simple, and is able to present a convincing exploration of motivation. The story, of misguided actions, emotional betrayal, murder and eventual discovery, is complex but nowhere loses its way.

Put very simply, it is a convincing imaginative exploration of the interaction of people and in the plot, the reactions to extreme events. the racist/political (secret cartels) situation is of course topical. Michelle Chambers creates a convincing and believable world, peopled by real characters.

This is a lively readable novel, with a plot that is by no means simple, but is well crafted and does not get too clever and lose its way, the characters are all believable and, in particular, the denouement is strong and effective.

The delineation of character and situation is good; people and places spring from the page with conviction and accuracy, and Chambers' prose is as clear as a windowpane. This is either a thriller concealed inside a literary novel, or a literary novel dressed as a thriller; the reader can decide which.'

Sounds good, huh? Watch this space.

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