Thursday, July 3, 2008


I am now satisfied! The title of my new book is Treason. Sounds boring I hear you say; far from it, I cry.

The book centres around the gunpowder plot of 1604 when Catholics plotted to blow up Parliament (in England) and assassinate the king (James the First). Well, I came across information that Robert Catseby, the ring leader in this conspiracy, had in his possession a green, jade gemstone. Historically it belonged to Mary, Queen of Scots, the last Catholic to sit on the throne of England, and is reputed to have come from Excalibur- you know King Arthur's sword.

Now, here is where it gets interesting. Lord Salisbury, king James' principal secretary knew about this Catholic gem. He feared it would be used as a rallying symbol for all Catholics, so he wanted to find it and destroy it- as well as all Catholics, of course. My book begs the question: Was Lord Salisbury- a protestant- behind this Catholic conspiracy?

Want to know the answer? Read Treason.

Will be back with release date and such- but first back to editing the darn thing. Wish me luck!