Monday, November 5, 2007

Through the Garden Gate/ Cover: Fairytale Bride

I don't know what else to say other than 'thank you.' My story has been interpreted perfectly in this cover.

Michelle Chambers
Ripples in the water- Available now
Fairytale Bride- coming soon (December 2007) to The Wild Rose Press
To those lucky enough to hear, the Blue Moon may speak at midnight, and it may grant your wish…On one such night, in sheer desperation, Maddie Elliott set aside scepticism and doubt to make a wish under the magic of the Blue Moon’s light…
The magic brings Maddie, through a secret garden gate-to a world unknown to her, but whose sights and sounds overwhelm her senses with strange familiarity-to her heart’s desire. To her wish.
Incomprehension and confusion fill her heart when she meets the Earl of Ruglen. The Law of Attraction couldn’t possibly be wrong, yet how could she long for someone whom she wholeheartedly despised? Surely, the Blue Moon was mistaken.

“A mouse?”
Lord Ruglen lifted the candle, he held, high between them, and Maddie saw, in the briefest of moments, the challenging lift of his eyebrow refuting her claim before he blew out the flame. Her eyes adjusted again to the moonlit shadows, and focussed on the brightness of his.
“Leave us,” Lord Ruglen commanded Rose.
Maddie shifted her gaze behind Lord Ruglen’s bare chest, and nodded the request into Rose’s wide and querying eyes.
The door closed softly, and Maddie returned her gaze to Lord Ruglen’s steady own. She pulled the sheet consciously tighter about her naked body.
“Those bruises on your neck did not come from a mouse,” Lord Ruglen stated quietly.
“No,” Maddie said, with a slow shake of her head. “I believe it was a rat, my lord.”
“You jest, at a time such as this?”
“And what would you have me do, my lord? Turn to you for comfort, and find none?” She hung her head, hiding the tears falling down her face.
“What happened?”
A low sound echoed through the room and it took her a few moments to realise she was laughing.
“Would you like details, my lord? Why not wait a few hours. I am sure your choice of lover will be good enough to supply you with every little detail.” Her voice hardened. “Was I the spoils of another wager, my lord? Is that why you showed me such consideration tonight? Danced with me. Make me believe you…” She faltered, then taking a deep breath addressed him once more: “You do not want me, I understand that, but should I decide to take a lover allow me the courtesy of choosing him myself.”
Lord Ruglen’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “You can not think me capable of such depravity.”
“I can, and I do.”
“Why? Because you are determined to believe the worse of me?”
“As you do of me?” Maddie parried coldly. “To you I am nothing but a wager already won, but I feel, my lord, even if you do not. I hurt-”
“Did he…hurt you?” Her eyes flew to the brightness of his.
“Did he hurt you?”
Maddie turned away from him. Her shoulders shook lightly as she began to cry. She felt him even before she heard him step towards her. His warmth engulfed her, and this time she couldn’t resist, she leaned back into his naked arms.
“You hurt me,” she whispered.
“I know.”


AJ said...

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations for being chosen in Through the Garden Gate Contest.

Your cover is beautiful!

I look forward to reading Fairytale Bride when it's released.

Aithen Jarretta
Coming soon to The Wild Rose Press: In a Heartbeat, Faery Rosette

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Michelle said...

Thanks, Aithen.

It was a huge surprise for me to learn I'd actually won the contest. Receiving the cover made it that more real.

I'm sorry I couldn't view your book trailer. Could you, please, note the wwww.address again. Thanks