Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Thought Shared

Ripples in the Water is one of those books where the inspiration came from absolutely nowhere. I had just given birth to my first child and was on maternity leave-I used to work at the Westeinde Ziekenhuis, a hospital in the Hague, as a therapy radiographer.
On a night I suddenly awoke, just like that. No reason, or rhyme, with three names circling with absolute clarity in my head: Claerdal, Celeste and Guy Fawkes. I was also quite aware, at that moment, that the object of the exercise would be to link them somehow; the result being my debut novel, Ripples in the Water.
I have an insatiable love of history, and it really doesn’t matter who’s history, but what I strive to find is the story running parallel to whatever historical event I choose to write about. History will never change, but there will always be someone else’s truth, and that is what I wish to convey.
Ripples in the Water is an historical piece, but it’s also full of intrigue, suspense and explores the influence of coincidence. Here are what two reviewers had to say about Ripples in the Water:

‘This novel, written by Ms. Michelle Chambers, has very detailed, interesting scenarios which are spell-binding. The more I read, the more (and faster) I wanted to read...’ Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

‘Michelle Chambers cast well-rounded characters that weave an intriguing tale...’ Linda L., Fallen Angel Reviews

The power of coincidence, the Yin and Yang of life, the Law of Attraction, these are all premises upon which I base my novels, and combined with the somewhat darker side of human nature I aim to give the reader a more in-depth, intense look at love. I dissect love into the spectrum I believe it is. As white light is a spectrum of colour, I believe love to be a spectrum of emotion. Sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful, but love nonetheless.
I recently entered, and won, a short-story competition organised by my publishers, The Wild Rose Press. The story is called Fairytale Bride. A tale of time-travel and Regency England, yet exploring the premise of the Law of Attraction. As yet, its still in the editing stage, as is my contemporary novel, Blood of His Fathers, but I hope to have release dates for both books pretty soon.
We all have a history, and history plays an important role in my stories. My characters have history. Their opinions, behaviour, thoughts, sometimes in the extreme, are influenced, as we are, by history- whether that be race, religion, etc- and/or experience, though I do like happy endings. In my books, at least, I can control that.
I’ve lived in Holland, now, for more than fifteen years and still love it. I came initially from England for a year, but life had other plans for me, and up until now I’m quite content with the direction its taken. Two beautiful, healthy children, and a wonderful, understanding man. Well, he had to be when I said I wanted to write. I took up the challenge five years ago and its wonderful to finally see the fruits of my labour, and love.

A huge thank you to The Wild Rose Press for making my dreams come true.


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