Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I can't write... well, obviously I can, but I mean I can't concentrate. Not long enough anyway to put two coherent words together let alone an entire sentence. And the reason? The cover design for Ripples in the Water.

I received it last night, and I can't take my eyes of it. It's brilliant, fantastic, great, wonderful- and all the other superlatives you can think of to describe a beautiful piece of art. I'm bias. Of course. My first cover design for my first novel.

Yet, what touches me is the artist's perception of my work. She's translated my story- its intensity, emotion and feeling- in her use of colour; and the perfect setting. My heroine would feel right at home in this setting. Perfect.

I look at this cover design with an immense feeling of pride and gratitude, and know it reflects the depth and sincerity of my work. I know you can't judge a book by its cover, but in this instance the combination is dynamic. A good cover, and a damn good read.

Don't believe me? Log on again for the release date, and see (read) for yourself.

I really ought to go now, and write, and I will- just not yet. Let me savour this moment... my first cover design for my first book. WOW!

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