Friday, February 23, 2007

Time for a break

It has taken me the most part of a month to revise, edit, change and tweak my manuscript. Not forgetting making time for my children: mum; where is...? can I...? how long...? will you...?- you get the picture. When you're busy suddenly everyone needs you- including husbands, wives and partners. The selfish gene raised its ugly head, including mine, but hey, we survived this adjustment in our lives. It can only get better, right?

Ripples in the Water is my first novel, and of course I want to tweak and change and edit and revise until the story is the best it can be- my editor saw its potential, and I guess I'm afraid to let her down. But now I think it's time for a break. A whole month of snapping at the kids and being irritable with my partner has come to an end, and I can relax. We can all relax. So I'm off to enjoy this weekend with my partner, and the kids are off to their grandparents. I'm back on track!

See ya!