Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thanks for the invite

I got a letter inviting me to go out for a meal with my ex-colleagues. Nothing wrong in that, I hear you say. Yet, still it was a surprise because I was never popular with my ex-colleagues. I was never in with the 'in crowd' or ever a part of any particular social cloister. I was a loner. My choice and theirs. We never mingled, so to receive an invitation out of the blue I have to ask myself, why?
I'd thought I was rid of them that I could finally live my life without feeling I owed an explanation for my choices or my beliefs. They suffocated me, and now I breathe. But, do my ex-colleagues interest me enough to seek their company? I don't think so. To accept this invitation for the one or two I would like to see and be saddled with the ten or more I utterly could do without is no longer a compulsion. I'm no longer that person. I am able to say no, and it feels great.
Still, I could go and wax lyrical about my upcoming book release. Nah! Even that incentive isn't enough to get me in the same room as my ex-colleagues. I no longer work with them, I don't care for quite a few and the rest I find uninspiring and dull. So, thanks for the invite, but no thanks!

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